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15 Interior Designs Ideas

15 Interior Designs Ideas

Whether it is a modern apartment in a high rise of urban cities or a small house in some rural town, 

Homes in India always radiate vibrancy and elegance. People owning homes in India have a certain tinge of keeping it simple with the décor as much possible. The decor of Indian homes is most commonly inspired by our rich heritage that dates back two centuries. 

We Indians have an avid taste for colours. However, with time Developing India has honed the skills to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. 

Here are a few beautiful and creative interior decoration ideas to help you design your home: –

    1. Vibrant Home Lighting – A beautiful lighting can make a whole lot of difference in the decor. Select it according to the setting and the space you want to highlight and enjoy the evenings admiring your beautiful home.

    2. Let Mirrors Reflect the Light – Adding mirrors to the living room or bed rooms brings about the vibrancy of colors and completely transforms the décor. A normal plain wall can be transformed into looking like a masterpiece of design.
    3. Greenery – Using small plants as décor is the most common type of décor seen in an Indian household. Adding it to the interiors brightens up any room or balcony and gives you a peaceful relaxing feeling.
    4. Intricate Detailing of Ceilings – Paint the ceiling differently and make it shine, something very different from mainstream white and admire your choice from the comfort of your bed.
    5. Design Walls – Every member of the house can participate towards being creative with the walls of their respective rooms. The beauty of a room comes out by how you choose to personify the wall with book shelves.
    6. 2 Doors System – Real creativity comes out when you can successfully change the entrances to either your house or your rooms. A unique idea which can be used to accomplish this is having the 2nd less accessible door capable of holding different layers of shelves to keep books or antiques. It brings out a rich look that adds to the heritage of Indian homes.
    7. Choose your Art – A common mistake everybody makes while decorating a room is putting up a small art work on the wall. Don’t shy away from hanging the biggest possible art work on your wall as smaller ones make the room feel smaller. Specially in small spaces, an oversized art work makes the room feel larger than it actually is.
    8. Brighten Up with White – Dark colours absorb light and hence make the room look dark. White walls not only brighten up the room but also give a luxurious feel. If you fear your kids might ruin your beautiful white wall, go for lighter shades of any bright colour.
    9. Create Storage – Households usually have more stuff than they can actually fit in a room. You don’t necessarily have to have bulky furniture or fittings instead you can use space between columns as a floor to ceiling shelve or utilize empty spaces to create storage.
    10. More Head Room – High ceilings automatically makes the room seem bigger. Utilize your fittings and decorative to make your ceiling look high by hanging them as close to the ceiling as possible.
    11. Cozy is the New Luxury – Use decorative rugs and carpets to give your room a cozy feel. You can also install designer furniture and multiple layers of matching curtains that gives the room a relaxed feel.
    12. Rugs, Rugs and Rugs – Rugs can completely change the way your room looks and feels. Use a large rug that covers all legs of your furniture. Also, you can use a smaller rug over the large one to make it more decorative.
    13. Minimalistic Bathrooms – It is very important to make proper use of bathroom space. It is always advised to avoid luxuries like bath tubs and glass panel doors as they cluster up the bathroom unless you have a lot of space and actually are keen on getting one. Placement of a mirror in the bathroom is also very essential.
    14. Contemporary Kitchens – As far as kitchen is concerned, the most important necessity here is comfort and convenience. If the functional kitchen looks stylishly fashionable then it is a bonus.
    15. Sliding Windows – The most common out of all but still the most underrated and overlooked idea. Keeping it simple with long glass windows is key to making any home look elegant. Avoiding the use of cages is highly advised as it dampers the look of the windows and the view, even if it is required keep the height/length of the cages small so they can go unnoticed.

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