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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Summer means mangoes, holidays, and dips in the pool for many people. But there are days when the harsh summer sun isn’t as pleasant as it is and cranking up the AC at home feels like your only choice you have. With fewer trees, more emissions, intensified use of artificial cooling devices, the temperature has risen considerably recently. It’s about time our actions were reversed, and an ecological way of life was adopted. Start by keeping your house, office, and surroundings clean and fresh. Several natural approaches can help you in keeping house cool in extreme heat.

Handy Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Room Cooler

1. Always keep your blinds & curtains closed
Sunshine is ultimately heat. If you have windows that catch direct sunlight at any part of the day, you will benefit from having the blinds closed or the curtains drawn for at least the warmest period of the day. If your room remains protected from sunlight all day, it’s guaranteed to stay significantly cooler.

2. Avoid using incandescent light bulbs
If you’re having difficulty cooling your home and you can’t figure out why, incandescent light bulbs could be the reason. Not only does incandescent lamps waste electricity, but they also turn it to heat and warm the surroundings. It is therefore recommended that you throw away these lights and make a significant difference in the temperature of your home as well as your energy bill.

3. Maintain optimum cross-ventilation
In addition to using fans, you can generate airflow inside your home by opening opposite doors and windows to build a wind tunnel. Now-a-days, residential projects ensure that homes are well ventilated. One of the simplest techniques is to keep the doors jarred, including the main door. This allows the stagnant hot air to be refilled and allows the fresh air circulating in the house. Also, note to keep the exhaust fans on throughout the day.

4. Indoor plants will help cooling down
Having bushy plants around your home or in your balcony will help stop the heat from flowing through the windows and roof. The greens are sure to give you a sense of calm and provide a cool air flow within your home.

5. Declutter your home
Start by removing any unnecessary pieces of furniture, newspapers, books, crafts and other items that cause your room to be stuffed and suffocating. Make your room open and airy. Too many heavy furniture held close to each other will generate ‘hot air pockets.’ So, make as much space as possible for the air to keep going.

Summer days and nights could be too exhausting. There’s sweat, a lot of humidity, and a lot of frustration. If you’re planning to move to a new home this summer, check out some of the new residential projects in Hyderabad. Kohinoor by Aurobindo Realty in Hitech City has spacious, well ventilated, and airy homes that will provide the ultimate relief in all seasons!

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