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About Us


About Aurobindo Realty

Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is an upcoming name in Indian Real Estate. We represent a new breed of Real Estate Developers, who are emerging as a response to the challenges of today’s reality market, increasingly driven by Technology, Professionalism, Performance, and Evolving Customer Needs, delivering an unforgettable buyer experience in a RERA regulated environment.

We are the best real estate company in Hyderabad and are the preferred real estate developers for our clients who expect nothing less than the assurance of the quality of services and delivery of excellence. Our technical innovation solutions, along with a sustainable approach, allow us to exceed the expectation of our clients on every project that we deliver. Our team of designers, architects, engineers, project managers, planning permission specialists, interior designers employs their expertise to facilitate the construction of residential and commercial properties that are to the strict high standards of our clients.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, or invest in a luxury home, check out our residential properties in Hyderabad that are currently up for sale. We deliver a personal and tailor-made service to ensure that your requirements and needs are met perfectly. We have already made a mark in the real estate industry through quality in terms of design, aesthetic appeal, layout, technology, and customer service. Aurobindo Realty has several ongoing and upcoming residential projects in Hyderabad with innovative designs, world-class amenities, and in prime locations to ensure luxury living experience.

Our commercial estate team helps our national and international clients at each of the steps of owning and occupying commercial properties. From building commercial property for sale to securing commercial space for rent, we deliver a first-class solution to our commercial clients in different sectors. You can choose commercial properties in Hyderabad that can be used as offices, shops, retail & shopping, manufacturing, restaurants & bars, automotive service centres, spas, clinics, and others. We work alongside you to help you get the most efficient and economical commercial property for rent or sale for your business.

Aurobindo Realty is the best real estate company in Hyderabad and we will help you pick a property that ticks all the boxes from the list of your real estate criteria. We pride ourselves in taking attention to the tiniest of details to deliver you perfection as promised.










To provide innovative, modern and healthier spaces to our customers and become a leading and reputed Real Estate player in the industry in India



To work on improving customer experiences through innovation, focus on quality and on-time delivery. We aim to create a learning organization with our pillars rooted to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders. As we create places to live, work and grow, we aim to build strong relationships that solidify our reputation as one of the nation’s premier real estate companies.



To provide differentiated service in the Real Estate Sector with a primary focus on our core values of Trust, Transparency and Customer Centricity coupled with cutting edge technology. We are committed to our Vision and Mission for sustainable growth while delivering positive and meaningful customer experience. This will be supported by insights gained from end-users of the spaces that we create. We believe in enriching spaces, for our end users to help them flourish; be it a home, office, shopping place or where you enjoy leisure time. It is our endeavour to co-create the experience offered by our brand along with our stakeholders.



At Aurobindo Realty we believe in sustainable development and are aiming to design and construct buildings which are environment-friendly and sustainable in design. We are committed towards hygienic, healthy and natural surroundings in all our ventures along with meaningful/suitable amenities and a wide variety of facilities.

Our office spaces are designed to comply with Green building certification norms (LEED/IGBC), thereby enhancing their  environment friendliness.

Consequently, they are smart & consumes less energy and resources. Allowance for the penetration of sunlight deep into workspaces without compromising the comfort of the building interior makes them more energy efficient. We are innovating to the next level, where in our office spaces are managed by state-of-the-art IOT enabled Building Management System. Taken together, these features make for a brighter, healthier and more comfortable workspaces – Key ingredients for any productive & successful business.

Water Efficiency

  • A substantial decrease in the volume of storm water runoff through rainwater harvesting
  • Responsible landscaping with native and adaptive plant species, use of recycled water for flushing & landscaping
  • Minimizing waste, effluent and environmental dilapidation by using LEED fixtures

Energy Efficiency

  • Improvement in energy savings over ASHRAE baseline
  • Ingenious use of energy, water, and other resources
  • Usage of solar energy to contribute to sustainable future
  • Usage of IOT enabled BMS for better analysis on consumption of power & air conditioning
  • Optimized facade design and use of efficient equipment resulting in energy saving


Aurobindo Realty is using Finnish precast technology to build all the offices and retail spaces, with a state-of-the-art precast plant in Hyderabad. This technology is offering an abundance of choice for the architects and engineers to create buildings, unique in character and of exceptionally high quality. These components are manufactured/cast in a strictly controlled environment with state-of-the-art machinery and are erected at the site.

We found that this technology precast concrete can contribute to sustainable design in many ways. It is a versatile and durable material, produced in a factory by highly trained personals under stringent quality control measures, with virtually no waste. All Precast elements can be quickly erected on the job site with minimal disruption to the site.

The technology/ system is very versatile and is equally efficient/ suitable for all types of construction may it be a high rise, low rise villas, commercial, parking lots, etc. Major reasons and advantages of adopting this technology are structural stability, speedy and quality construction, flexibility, wastage control, and less manpower requirement.


CEO’s Message

“Addressing the Aurobindo Realty Family comes with a sense of great pride to me.!”


Recreating benchmarks in a mature industry like real estate is always challenging !!

Parameters such as customer experience, timely delivery and quality have been constantly challenged time and again. Guided by our promoters, when we at Aurobindo Realty took up this approach to define our philosophy, vision and mission it did seem a daunting task.

The first step was to invest in a management team driven by values such as professional excellence, customer centricity, trust and transparency. Technology, innovation,  process discipline and choosing the right partners came next.

Ongoing projects such as building the tallest precast office building in India, the largest Mixed-use development in Hyderabad, one of the largest malls in Hyderabad and commissioning of our own pre-cast plant are a visible testimony to our efforts so far.

We are still in the infancy of our journey towards what we have set to achieve. But it is truly heartening to see this team of close to 750 employees (and growing !!), moving with determination, enthusiasm and commitment towards our goals. Additionally,  a positive and vibrant Hyderabad realty market has provided the much-needed fillip to our approach.

All in all, a great start to reach out to the glorious destiny that awaits Aurobindo Realty !!

Mr. Ravindra Kumar VJ