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New Trends in 2022 Redefining The Commercial Real Estate

The days of traditional property negotiations are over; new tech has taken over the world, which includes our homes, land, offices, and so on. While an extraordinary health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses all over the globe, India’s commercial property sector was no stranger to that. With the pandemic-caused lockdown, the sector that […]

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Tips to Choose the Best Real Estate Company in Hyderabad Before Buying a Home

The validity of a house depends upon the foundation it is laid on. Simply put, if you want a guarantee on your home, then selecting a suitable real estate company is a must. Here are a few factors that can lend aid to choosing the best company– Preliminary Research for a suitable list This is […]

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Important and Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Buying New Luxury Apartments

“Vastu” which originates from the Sanskrit language, translates to “Vaas”- live and “Tu”- you, describing the way you live. It is the science behind the architecture of your home, denoting an organised way to ensure safe and peaceful living. While the “Shastra” or the scripture is an extensive study, it is difficult to adhere to […]

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Impact of Digital Transformation on the Real Estate Market

E-Commerce unlocked a wide portal for goods & services that redefined consumerism. The main advantage of this was that people were exposed to more options. Similarly, house hunting needs organised and regulated platforms that can present more options, help in the formalities and maintain transparency between homebuyers and developers. The first trace of the real […]

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How The Regent is the Perfect Investment to Avail Benefits of Three Suburbs Simultaneously?

As Hyderabad is gearing for further residential expansion, several new upcoming projects in Hyderabad are at one’s disposal. However, determining which location is conducive to your needs, what kind of project is suitable for your family, is the area cost-effective, would you receive a favourable ROI, and would you be ready for a long-term commitment […]

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How does the Regent by Aurobindo Realty Enhance the Residential Landscape in Kondapur?

Hyderabad is a current favorite city amongst young professionals who are looking to buy their first home because of the lower cost of living and reasonable property value as compared to other urban cities. But that doesn’t mean Hyderabad has any less to offer; rather it is a territory less explored. Kondapur is one such […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Property In Kondapur

Kondapur has a number of advantages, including closeness to the city’s IT ITeS hub and a well-developed civic amenities. Given the area’s proximity to Gachibowli and HiTech city, which is only 5 km away, Kondapur is one of Hyderabad’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, particularly by those staffed in the IT ITeS sector. There are many different […]

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Revamp your home luxuriously within budget

With the workplace being integrated with our home, people are seeking to renovate the space to optimise the working experience. Several DIY projects and Pinterest moments are the current fads among working millennials. So, we have assembled a list of minuscule changes that can revamp the whole apartment, that too without burning a hole in […]

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