Category: Architecture

Top Architectural Trends in 2020

The architectural trends for 2020 have one mission in common: the commitment to sustainable development & architecture. The people in India are generally evolving towards architectural trends that help sustain the valuable natural resources of earth. The use of reusable/recyclable materials, buildings that are self-sufficient and installations of all kinds that respect the planet are [...]
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What Makes Indian Architecture Unique

Indian architecture is a production of the Indian Subcontinent that includes a multitude of expressions influenced by time, religion and trends. It has been transformed by the powers of history and is considered to be completely unique to the Indian sub-continent. Indian architecture was known to absorb the elements of its influencers and create unique […]

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The Structures of Imperial Glory: Hyderabad’s Architecture

The art and science concerned with the designing and building of large structures are called Architecture. The works of architecture tell us a lot about the culture of a particular place, calm or graceful dignity, generosity or gentleness. It is a fantastic source for us to learn about the remarkable stories of the particular city, […]

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