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5 Factors Behind Hyderabad’s Exceptional Real Estate Growth

Hyderabad has always been an attractive destination for real estate investments. Recent statistics on the city’s real estate growth have excited investors and buyers to know how and why Hyderabad is predicted to achieve this exceptional growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore the five main factors that are driving this stellar growth story. Read […]

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A Guide to Leasing Commercial Property

Rental of a residential property is relatively easier as compared to leasing commercial properties. It requires larger rooms, higher leases, higher agent fees, and thus contributes to higher overall investment. Although residential agreements are typically negotiated for 11 months, commercial agreements are B2B or B2C and are negotiated for a much longer period of time. […]

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Checklist For Reopening Office After COVID 19

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the way we do business: cashless transactions, social distance in public and working (or staying) at home are just some of the ways we, as people, have helped to flatten the curve. Also, in an attempt to minimise the transmission rate, companies have switched to […]

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Things Need To Consider When Leasing Office Space

According to a recent survey, by 2020 millennials will make up 64 percent of the workforce in India. In order for companies to expand, it is crucial that today’s workspaces provide an ideal atmosphere for these millennial employees and their needs. This is particularly true of large corporations seeking to recruit and retain top talent […]

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Top 7 Things To Consider While Buying a Residential Property

When you’re looking for properties in Hyderabad, it is essential to understand the intricacies involved with concluding such a large transaction to avoid disputes or legal hassles later on. There are many lucrative residential properties in Hyderabad for sale, including new residential projects to resale properties.  Irrespective of which property you choose, there are things you need to [...]
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Orbit – The Commercial Structure of Tomorrow

Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure private ltd. is an established organization in India’s Real Estate. With consistent determination to perform, we deliver an experience that cannot be matched, revolutionizing the real estate market with projects that are edifices of our values. Aurobindo Realty has sown its ideals in the industries of commercial, residential, retail and hospitality, […]

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Innovation in Office Spaces as an Uplifment Towards Productivity and Happiness

ADAPTABLE OFFICES The contemporary clan of working professionals is pretty much against stagnancy. Fortunately, the work picture is now taking a more adaptable and flexible turn. This is reflected in the increasing number of start-up initiatives, expandable commercial spaces and ever-changing designs in the commercial sector of Hyderabad. The idea of office space in Hyderabad […]

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Commercial Spaces in Hyderabad: A Popular Investment Trend

The stability of commercial developments is a fairly stable asset in Hyderabad. The city has been rising as the most preferred locale for global software corporate, major IT centers R & D and institutes for quality education. The commercial developments are most suited for those who are interested in value for returns. The increasing growth […]

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Crucial Fundamentals While Leasing Commercial Properties in Hyderabad

When leasing a commercial property in Hyderabad, one needs to consider various dimensions like tenancy, tax repercussions, business influx, etc. On the basis of the type of business & understanding between the landlord and the tenant any of the following types of the lease agreement can be entered into: Also, before leasing a space one […]

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