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Dos and Don’ts in Lighting and Dimming Luxury Homes

Personal preference governs what type of luxury interior design you choose. Whereas it is the smart usage of lighting and dimming that brings out the essence of your home. Lighting can create an ambient space for you to rejoice in or mellow down. Today, let’s explore the do’s and don’ts when lighting and dimming your […]

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Interior Designs for Luxury Homes

All around the world, people look forward to integrating personality into their home décor so that it reflects who they are as an individual. When you are designing a home, the first thing you need to think about is making the space feel more appealing to be in. Luxury interior design styles are created by […]

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Easy Tips to Make Your Home Decor Ready for The Festive Season

We spend a lot of money and time on various festive décor items to create an inviting atmosphere for the Diwali festive season. But even after spending so much money and effort, the home can often feel cluttered or cramped with all the decorations left out. This article will give you five simple tips to […]

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Tips to Optimize Your Home for Dedicated Activity Spaces

Even before we buy a house, the blueprint of our dream home is imprinted in our minds. For many of us, our home is a way we express individuality, it reflects our ideologies, and the way we live denotes our philosophy. Speaking of which, there have been several trends in interior designing that are derived […]

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Important and Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Buying New Luxury Apartments

“Vastu” which originates from the Sanskrit language, translates to “Vaas”- live and “Tu”- you, describing the way you live. It is the science behind the architecture of your home, denoting an organised way to ensure safe and peaceful living. While the “Shastra” or the scripture is an extensive study, it is difficult to adhere to […]

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Revamp your home luxuriously within budget

With the workplace being integrated with our home, people are seeking to renovate the space to optimise the working experience. Several DIY projects and Pinterest moments are the current fads among working millennials. So, we have assembled a list of minuscule changes that can revamp the whole apartment, that too without burning a hole in […]

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5 Unique Options to Improve Lighting at Your Home

Luxury apartments in Hyderabad in HITEC city are the perfect living space for working professionals. But a concern that lingers often is how to conduct the lighting of the room to enhance the lavishness. You can incorporate all kinds of interior decors, but if the room is not illuminated concisely, then the entire aesthetic falls […]

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Top 5 Decor Tips While Redoing Kitchen

A remodelled kitchen makes your home more liveable; it brings your family together. It will also increase the equity value of your real estate. Needless to say, a fully remodelled kitchen is worth the money, time, and effort. However, it sure can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t quite understand how to go about it. […]

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Small things make a big impact in your home

It’s difficult to resist the appeal of a complete makeover. The whole shebang: new paint, new furniture, new lighting, new design, structural upgrades. But for many of us, a complete overhaul isn’t feasible. Total makeovers demand a significant amount of time, money, and professional expertise, and not everyone possesses all three. It is always great […]

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