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The capital city of Hyderabad is quickly becoming a key city in the South-East side of the country for commercial development. Its new and old commercial and residential developments, along with good connectivity with other parts of the world make it an ideal place for organisations and multi-nationals to set their operations. As a result, a number of companies across sectors including the IT, BFSI, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, services and retail have set their offices. All multinational companies present in the world holds offices in Hyderabad. The heavy investment from these tech giants and flourishing educational, medical and business facilities have accentuated Hyderabad as the most desirable city of India.

If you are looking to setup a new office or lease a commercial space for your corporation in Hyderabad, we at Aurobindo Realty, have just the right setup for you. Our award-winning projects made with Precast technology are modern with a contemporary look

Why invest in commercial properties in Hyderabad?

Commercial properties in Hyderabadhave seen a 20-30% increase in land prices. The institutional investors and the builders are competing with each other to invest in a commercial property in the city. Some of the biggest names in the real estate industry have already put good money at stake in the commercial properties. This is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Studies reveal Hyderabad will witness a good demand from IT and non-IT organisations, in the coming years.
  • It is one of the most convenient cities for institutional investors to conduct business.
  • The government has introduced loads of favourable policies for the projects to get launched faster.
  • Tech giants like Apple and Amazon have started foraying into the dynamic City of Pearls.
  • The property prices in the city are comparatively lower when it comes to other metropolises like Bangalore and Mumbai. Thus it gets a competitive advantage when it comes to commercial real estate investments.

Why Aurobindo Realty?

We know what to deliver to every client.

  • Our professionalism and performance ensure unmatched customer experience, abiding by every RERA regulation.
  • Our team comprises some of the youngest and best minds, well-equipped to face every challenge.
  • We have years of experience in catering to both national and international clients.

These are unprecedented times with a pandemic, hovering on every aspect of our lifestyle. Even businesses are getting affected. Real estate has also suffered a setback. But the Hyderabad market is showing great potential, emerging as a very hot destination in the real estate space.