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Pets Rules in Gated Community and Govt Laws Around it

Pets Rules in Gated Community and Govt Laws Around it

Flats and apartments are a modern concept of affordable housing. With the median age of home buyers dropping, apartments and housing complexes are the residences of the future. In this era of throat-cutting competition and crazy job strain, home or apartment is where we seek our elusive inner peace. This is where the pets help us give company.

Being a pet parent may not always be easy, especially when you’re looking for a home. Trying to find residential projects where a pest can stay with little eyebrows being raised is a task. To guarantee that your apartment community or housing association does not have a bearing on pets, here are some pet laws for apartments that all tenants and association members need to know about living with pet owners in apartments.

What Do The Pet Laws Say?

Article 51A (g) of the Indian Constitution says that every citizen of India must protect and have compassion for all living creatures. If pets are not permitted in apartment complexes, this negates the statement made in the Constitution of India. In addition, Section 11(3) of the Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1960, stresses the obligation of every person to show empathy and respect to every living being.

Guidelines for Pet Owners Living in Apartment:

1. Pet parents regard their pets as their family members and thus deserve the same treatment throughout their lives.
2. Pet owners must focus on ensuring that their pets are clean and healthy; frequent vaccination must be carried out.
3. While walking in the park with your pet in public premises, owners, care providers and dog owners are urged to clean the pet faeces or to take part in maintaining cleanliness of the area.
4. The leashing of pets in public places of the society complex is advisable to ensure that other residents and passers-by are safe and secure. It also means that the pet is safe from being struck or hit by a moving vehicle.
5. A pet cannot be prohibited from using services such as lifts or elevators and parks by a housing corporation.
6. Barking is a common gesture for dogs, and it must be accepted in society. Having said that, incessant barking will annoy neighbours, so pet owners should attempt to maintain their pets at night in particular.

Role of the Residential Gated Community

1. Not to begin a tiff by establishing rules restricting pets. Even with the majority’s approval.
2. Do not establish by-laws that can constitute an annoyance to pet owners in a society, such as forbidding the use of lifts, etc.
3. Keep a record of vaccines and sterilisation.
4. Define pet spots for walking, defecation, etc.
5. The Management Committee can issue penalties if the pet owners are found to be neglecting the above-mentioned laws or if they are found to cause harm to other residents.
6. Raise consciousness among other residents and encourage them to treat pets and pet owners equally and without prejudice. Make sure they’re not trying to provoke a pet.

If you are looking to find a new home for your family and your pet, then you must be aware of and understand your rights and responsibilities. Residential properties in Hyderabad are becoming more and more pet friendly and are offering huge open spaces and parks within the premises to entertain their furry residents.

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