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A Guide to Leasing Commercial Property

Rental of a residential property is relatively easier as compared to leasing commercial properties. It requires larger rooms, higher leases, higher agent fees, and thus contributes to higher overall investment. Although residential agreements are typically negotiated for 11 months, commercial agreements are B2B or B2C and are negotiated for a much longer period of time. […]

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Advantages of Precast technology in Construction

Indian real estate majors are using precast technology to develop their new ventures. The key benefits of precast technology are consistency, speed of construction and value-for-money. In order to reduce labour shortages, time delays and to produce better goods, developers and builders are now implementing precast technology in India. Concrete has been known for its […]

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Galaxy: The Future of Commercial Advancements

Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. newest venture in the real estate industry represents a contemporary influence on premium structures. It is an emerging name in the architectural sector, and they are driven with innovation, technology, and professionalism to deliver an experience that’s unforgettable and unmatched. With its headquartered in Hyderabad, it expands its branches […]

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