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Checklist For Reopening Office After COVID 19

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the way we do business: cashless transactions, social distance in public and working (or staying) at home are just some of the ways we, as people, have helped to flatten the curve. Also, in an attempt to minimise the transmission rate, companies have switched to […]

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Things Need To Consider When Leasing Office Space

According to a recent survey, by 2020 millennials will make up 64 percent of the workforce in India. In order for companies to expand, it is crucial that today’s workspaces provide an ideal atmosphere for these millennial employees and their needs. This is particularly true of large corporations seeking to recruit and retain top talent […]

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Top 8 Reasons To Lease Commercial Property in Hyderabad

In primary stage of any business it is feasible to take office building on lease as main focus should be on settle down the business and looking forward to progress. It adds so much value to your business when you have your proper office setup. When a commercial property is being considered, the most common […]

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Orbit – The Commercial Structure of Tomorrow

Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure private ltd. is an established organization in India’s Real Estate. With consistent determination to perform, we deliver an experience that cannot be matched, revolutionizing the real estate market with projects that are edifices of our values. Aurobindo Realty has sown its ideals in the industries of commercial, residential, retail and hospitality, […]

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Galaxy: The Future of Commercial Advancements

Aurobindo Realty and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. newest venture in the real estate industry represents a contemporary influence on premium structures. It is an emerging name in the architectural sector, and they are driven with innovation, technology, and professionalism to deliver an experience that’s unforgettable and unmatched. With its headquartered in Hyderabad, it expands its branches […]

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