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Know more about the lakes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana was once known as the City of Lakes. These natural and man-made lakes act as the perfect excursion spot for the residents. The fourth most populous city in India has 169 lakes that hold the charm of the old city. How many lakes are there in Hyderabad? There are […]

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Festival season: A Perfect Time to Buy Property

The month of August marks the start of the festival season in India. The celebrations start from the Rakshabandhan and go on until Pongal. During this period of 4-5 months, homebuyers and shoppers experience the best deals and discounts on their purchases, making it the perfect opportunity to invest or buy a new home. A […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Home In Monsoon

Monsoon is finally here! For people living in residential projects in Hitech City, Hyderabad. Have you noticed more pests out this season and even outside breeding! Have you ever thought that this might be the best time to fix those damages in your home, given the expected monsoon performance this year? In this article, you […]

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Revamp your home luxuriously within budget

With the workplace being integrated with our home, people are seeking to renovate the space to optimise the working experience. Several DIY projects and Pinterest moments are the current fads among working millennials. So, we have assembled a list of minuscule changes that can revamp the whole apartment, that too without burning a hole in […]

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Real estate – The Most Preferred Asset Class During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Real estate has been the preferred asset class for investment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Per multiple survey findings, real estate has been the preferred mode of investment in 2021 for 43% (35% in 2020) of respondents, followed by stocks 20% (15% in 2020), fixed deposit 19% (22% in 2020), and gold 18% (28% in 2020). […]

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Top Investment Hotspots in Hyderabad

Even though the real estate market has remained weak in most parts of the country over the last few years, real estate investors can buy properties in Hyderabad for attractive benefits. The optimistic attitude of the state government in terms of ambitious infrastructure development, including elevated corridors, strategic road networks, and the Metro Rail, as […]

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Who Are The Best Real Estate Developers in Hyderabad?

Who are the Best Real Estate Developers in Hyderabad?  There has never been a better time for purchasing a house or a flat. Starting from demonetization, tax cuts, flexible payment schemes, and attractive upcoming residential projects in Hyderabad, the real estate market is in favour of home buyers. If you are looking for a 2 BHK [...]
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Latest Technologies For Constructing New Buildings

In the era of technology, innovations are introduced in market frequently. It is interesting to see how technology is reshaping the construction industry with this new trend. Our little nests are becoming smarter and functional with the help of technology innovations. Some new technology ideas used while constructing new buildings are: Smarter Home Gone are […]

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How Can Hyderabad Be Beneficial For An Investment in Properties?

Home is a basic need We all know that people always look out for a roof over their head and that a Home is considered as one of the primary needs of human beings since always. To own a beautiful home the dream of every man on this earth. Real estate industry helps turn this […]

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