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Top 8 Reasons To Lease Commercial Property in Hyderabad

Top 8 Reasons To Lease Commercial Property in Hyderabad

In primary stage of any business it is feasible to take office building on lease as main focus should be on settle down the business and looking forward to progress. It adds so much value to your business when you have your proper office setup. When a commercial property is being considered, the most common trend is to lease commercial space.

Why lease commercial property in Hyderabad?

Extra Source of Income

Many investors invest in property be it a commercial or residential for an extra source of income.  By letting your property on lease you can earn handsome amount through rent. Owning commercial property in Hyderabad is best way to earn second source of income.

Concentrate on main Business

Many people have one core business and they have invested in properties as for better ROI. Once you put your commercial property for lease you can concentrate on your core business without detraction.

Hyderabad as emerging IT Hub

According to CBRE South Asia Report Hyderabad has grabbed peak destination for overall commercial space growth. It is economical to take a big commercial property on lease rather than owning it.  So real estate industry has been seeing continuous demand for commercial space for rent in Hyderabad.

Adds value to the property

When your property is going on lease with good returns, it definitely adds value to your property. Depending upon location, space available, facilities at property are some major factors while a buyer takes a commercial property on lease. If your property fulfills buyer’s needs it will be occupied on regular basis.

Enjoy Tax Benefit

Rental income from residential or commercial property does not consider as business income. You can put under ’Income from house property’ while filing income tax return. Property owners can enjoy tax benefits such as depreciation and investment tax credit.

ROI better than other variable options

Property market is considered to be reliable than any other variable investment option like Stock, equity. If you have commercial space that can be put on lease you will get assured fixed income independent of continuous market condition. Also some cities like Hyderabad never sees much depreciation for commercial property so new construction projects in Hyderabad are looking to attract property investors always.


Hyderabad -Tollywood Favorite destination

Film industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Many film studios are expanding their business so they need big space to incorporate new divisions. Many film celebrities keep in touch with best property developers in Hyderabad so that they can grab iconic commercial property at least on lease.

Hyderabad-Most livable metropolitan city 

Hyderabad has been awarded as most livable metropolitan city of India by The Mercer Quality of Living Rating 2019. So, best real estate company in Hyderabad will advise investor to invest in commercial property as its golden chance to earn income through leasing commercial property.

As return on residential property is 1-4% whereas on commercial property it is 6-12% so construction Industry has seen increasing demand for commercial property.

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