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What’s The Right Age To Buy A Home?

What’s The Right Age To Buy A Home?

Every person wishes to own or construct a home rather than live in a leased one. Investment in real estate is advantageous and it is believed that the sooner you invest, the greater will be your profits from the real estate. A home is sometimes the most expensive purchase you will ever make. It frequently necessitates years of planning and saving. So, when is the best time to purchase a home? While much depends on circumstances such as the location in question, income levels, and the reason for purchasing a property, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home at various ages.

#1. It instils financial discipline at a young age

Around the age of 21, the average Indian begins to earn. He/she will have enough time to save for a deposit on a house or a starter home in any of India’s metro cities if he/she saves for 4-5 years. Purchasing a property at a young age is a substantial financial commitment that can influence your future spending patterns. You will not only have to pay off your mortgage, but you will also have to acquire amenities to keep your property in good repair.

#2. Investments at a young age will keep appreciating

Buying a home, like many other life events, is a matter of time. One of the key motivations for a house buying decision is price volatility. When you buy a house when you’re young, it appreciates with you, and you may enjoy the benefits as time passes.

#3. Longer tenure loans are possible

Banks are more willing to lend money to young individuals because they are certain that they will be able to repay their debts on time. Young individuals have longer employment terms, and their earnings will increase as they get older, so acquiring a loan will be simple if you start early.

#4. Paying off the home loan is easier

Buying a property when you’re young can help you build credit. If you get a home loan in your 20s from a lender or a bank, it will only improve your credit score. Furthermore, if you can repay your home loan on time, your credit score will rise much more, enabling you to obtain much higher loans and, as a result, the possibility to purchase a better home in the future.

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