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You Must Consider Additional Costs Before Buying a Property

You Must Consider Additional Costs Before Buying a Property

For most Indians, owning a plot of land or a house for the family is one of their most prized ambitions. People typically view this as a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and are motivated to go above and beyond to secure a solid piece of real estate. Real estate is by far the most expensive investment that the average person makes, and it is almost always at the higher end of his financial capacity. As a result, dealing with surprises in the form of additional and hidden fees while buying a property becomes especially tough.

Why Do Additional Costs Surprise You Sometimes?

The initial expenditures as reported by the realtor do not include a slew of add-ons that must be paid for, resulting in a budget increase of about 25%. It is more sensible to be aware of the options for new residential projects in Hyderabad and to estimate the additional costs that will arise when purchasing real estate. Many customers enter into a contract based solely on the basic price stated by the builder or seller, ignoring various hidden housing expenses such as stamp duty and registration fees, maintenance deposits, property insurance, and so on.

#1. Stamp Duty
Stamp duty is a mandatory cost that the purchaser must pay to the state government in order for the residence to be registered in his or her name. These fees can range from 5-7 percent depending on the state, and the residence will not be registered in your name unless the stamp duty is paid.

#2. Maintenance Deposit
Builders typically charge a two-year advance maintenance or maintenance deposit, which is usually categorized under common amenities, parks, and lights. It is levied as a deposit by society members in existing buildings in the event of any possible damage. This sum, like other house charges, can add up quickly depending on the amount of facilities offered or the current maintenance charges.

#3. Registration Cost
The court imposes a registration fee, which is typically 1-2 percent, for the full and final signed contract between both the buyer and seller confirming change of ownership. This may appear to be a modest sum, but it adds up.

#4. Property Insurance
Property insurance protects your financial future in the event that your property is damaged. The cost is minimal, and it provides coverage in the event of title problems, certain damages, or other legal issues. There are several various types of home insurance policies to select from, each with different levels of coverage.
While some property charges cannot be avoided, keeping them in mind can assist in making an informed choice and arriving at an accurate projected cost. Kohinoor Project by Aurobindo Realty is one of the few luxury residential properties in Hyderabad that come equipped with the best amenities, connectivity and features.

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