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Your Rights As a Home Buyer

Your Rights As a Home Buyer

Property buying necessitates knowledge of a complicated set of rules, a process that a typical homebuyer would find difficult. This is why it is best to enlist the help of legal/property professionals while making the transaction. However, it would be insufficient if you did not do some legwork and educate yourself on certain fundamental rules. Hyderabad has seen a great upheaval in the real estate sector. With so many new residential projects in Hyderabad coming up, buyers are spoilt for choices. In this article, we talk of some of the home buyer rights that everyone even remotely interested in India’s real estate must know about.

Right to get all property related information

The homeowner has the right to acquire project information such as authorized blueprints, layout plans, RERA registration number, and specifications from the responsible body.

Right to know details about the project

Every home buyer has the right to know the project’s stage-by-stage completion schedule, as well as the arrangements for water, sanitation, power, and other facilities and services indicated in the agreement’s terms and conditions.

Right to claim possession

If all of the essential procedures have been accomplished and the requisite payment has been paid, the home buyer has the right to take possession of the property, including the shared spaces.

Right to get the property with every amenity mentioned in the agreement

Because real estate investment is such a large investment, it’s critical to double-check all of the documentation to ensure that the property is free of legal issues. It’s also important to make sure that all of the promised/mentioned features and facilities are included in the sale agreement and you receive all the perks that have been mentioned.

Right to receive all the documents

The home buyer is entitled to the required documentation and plans, including those for shared spaces, after the developer has handed over physical possession of the property.

Once you have narrowed down a couple of choices, you must make use of the above list to exercise these rights for a smooth purchase process. With such a variety of residential properties in Hyderabad, you get more choices to explore. But your search will soon end with Kohinoor by Aurobindo Realty in HITEC City.

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