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What Kind of Office Workspace Do Millennials Prefer To Work in?

What Kind of Office Workspace Do Millennials Prefer To Work in?

Being a millennial professional myself, I have often heard people attaching two common adjectives to us. Either we are not focussed or we lack motivation. While this is not the truth, the employers are attaching special importance to create ambient workspaces for their millennial workforce. The millennial workers are not only the largest in number but are also known for contributing fresh and creative ideas. So, it is quite common that workspaces will be designed, keeping in mind their best interests. Millennial Worklife is thus of paramount importance.

What do the millennials want in the commercial space? They love technology, collaboration, and a friendly environment to work. In short, they are changing the way, a team looks into the style of working. It is very much critical to pay heed to their needs to retain some of the top talents in the organizations. Let us have a quick look into what they need:


  • New and improved office environment


Fully stocked kitchens, sit-stand desks, plenty of natural light are just a few of the things which the millennials are asking for. The companies are quickly realizing the importance of the role played by the office design as they have seen a marked increase in productivity and work quality.  Some things they just love are:

  • A lot of natural light.
  • Gaming areas and dedicated places for TVs and music systems.
  • Phone rooms and rooms for taking a break.
  • Open floor plans
  • Residential style kitchens.
  • Lounges.
  • Other amenities like gyms and coffee machines.

Modern office design is a lot more inclined towards what millennials love.



  • Work-life balance


The millennials are strictly against the amalgamation of leisure and work. With the advent of technology, there has been an unwanted intrusion of work even when it is time to relax. This is what many millennials are not in favour of and often quit if they feel the pressure. To retain the best workforce, the companies resort to every means to ensure work-life balance. They also take special care not to intrude into the lives of the employees after the work is over.


  • A mix of both


A professional, rightly termed as a millennial, will consider both privacy and opportunities to collaborate in his workplace. This is the kind of office setup that they look forward to as this helps in honing their skills, as well as, an undeterred spirit to reach the senior.


  • A flexible work environment


This is a very important thing that the owners can do to make their offices millennial-friendly. It is always a judicious decision to allow people to choose their working hours. As long as the work is done with quality as the main parameter, who cares for the clock?

Prioritizing the needs of the millennial workforce is a very important thing, the employers should consider. This helps in retaining a talented bunch of people in the office without having to compromise with the quality of work.

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